Gary J Armstrong.

My Name is Gary John Armstrong. I am a songwriter, Multi instrumentalist and producer who lives in a small village within Nottinghamshire.

I have been writing songs since I was 15 years old when I first started playing the guitar thanks to the influence from my cousin and tutor at the time Ian (Tommo) Thompson.

I started my first serious musical project aged 17 when I formed my first band Mile High Mover.  Aspirations were high to say the least, but mainly being a covers band it was never going to amount to much. The majority of the band wanted to play purely covers of their favourite songs. I had heaps of songs at the time which the rest of the band were not interested in playing as the were “too poppy” or “too Folky” we built a strong polished set of bangers from The Beetles, rolling stones, to oasis, Blur and Ocean colour scene to name a few. you get the vibe of the band. It was around this time I first realised I could write in varying genre styles to suit the style we were playing. we quickly gathered a strong local following and It was suggested we introduce original material to the band it was around this time I wrote songs such as Song, White Cider, and lonely Belief to name a few. we quickly transitioned over a period of 6 months to a mainly original material band play my songs. Although It was a strong band and sounding well there were restrictions on what we could do as a band as some of the members had full time jobs and families. I wanted to do more. It was at this time I went to college to study sound engineering and met many like minded musicians and formed various projects in differing styles which quickly saw the end of mile high mover. I spent 18 month at college and left after a massive disagreement with a classically trained piano teacher who had set us a project to write a song in a specific key. I couldn’t make it sound good in that key so drifted out of the key, which caused me to fail that part of the course. in front of the class I argued that my composition sounded the best which the class agreed to which he replied “its classical music it is not about how it sounds its about staying within the guidelines of what i set”  I realised then I had learnt all i needed to learn on this leg of my journey and left the course. I still have to this day strong friendships forged at that time.

I mulled around a little feeling sorry for myself and spent about 2 years busking and floating around various projects which were not ticking any boxes. it was around this time i setup my first home studio. i started to record very folk punk songs and formed The Beetroot Kings. that ran for about 3 years and did OK but constant band fallout’s were proving testing, so I ended that and went solo as Gary J Armstrong. Picking the best of musicians from my journey to perform my songs live. I wrote and recorded everything and the guys basically sessioned it live. It was a success many years of touring with household names and several iTunes chart entries culminating in my best position to date of number 4 on iTunes UK at Christmas with my song Dance down the Local.

By this time I was 33, and had three Children. and took a long sabbatical from music to focus on my family and dare I say a “real career”. It is sadly a sabbatical I didn’t return from as a live performing musician.

One thing that did remain throughout was my recording. I never stopped. i have written and produced hundreds of complete compositions in varying styles now I am not restricted to writing in one genre.


So here I am today, still extremely passionate about music and production without a single desire to perform live currently so I have setup as a full time songwriter and musical scorer. I use various DAW’s for my production mainly Logic pro, Pro Tools and Ableton Live. I play Guitar, Bass, Piano, Ukulele and Harmonica to Session level.


If you are interested in purchasing entirely or licensing any of my work, or if you have any requirements for musical scoring for any original film projects, or if you need to discuss a collaboration project lyrically please feel free to get in touch in the contact section of this website.

I look forward to hearing from you,