Gary J ArmstrongĀ  (Gaz)

There’s only one way of life,and thats your own.Wise words from the band who were the reason for Gary Armstrong to pick up a guitar in the first place.Unlike many artists Gary is not afraid to admit his roots.

“The Levellers, they pulled me away from acid house, and techno and made me want to play guitar and say something. i’ll never forget the day I first heard one way, or the day I supported them with my own tunes,and the time after…..and after that. Yeah it was quite quick, 5 years from listening to your idols to picking up a guitar for the first time, and then gracing the same stage? not bad at all, if I do say so myself.”

Gary is no stranger to the underground or the festival circuit,with countless shows under his belt.From pop tonal summer days screaming at pre-teens, to rock and blues bike fests under a rain of real ale to underground unlicensed folk punk fests, Gary has achieved something so many artists have tried to do before him and failed, bridged the void of all the genres.

“What makes my music work to so many different audiences? good question.I think it’s the fact that I dont sing about things I dont understand.I sing real life as i’ve lived it, it’s all I know.I like and get on with so many different people,I dont feelĀ I need to pin myself down to one crowd,I dont think you can pigeon-hole people.To the bone people are people,they all care in their own way and it’s the same for my music.I live it it I don’t play it, It’s what I do and i could never do anything else.It’s the only fate I believe in and we’re all involed, it isn’t just me.”

So where to from here? Who knows! All this writer knows is from seeing Gary turn from bedroom artist to being nationally recognised is only the beginning.You are here because you have heard something and this is only the beginning of a noise that will echo,i’m sure,for generations to come.

2012 saw Gary’s most successful year to date culminating in December with his official charting at NUMBER 6 on ITunes with his single Dance down the local.

After completing a 4 year absence from his music due to personal family reasons Gary Is currently recording his new album set for release Summer 2018.