New 7 track EP release finalised

So the last 6 months I have been working away in my studio like a man possessed! The idea was simple to write a load of new tracks pick the best and release them as my 2nd official studio album.  What I didn’t account for is the amount of new songs I would write and how such a close call it was to pick the tracks for the record.  After much umming and arring and countless discussions with management it has been decided that I shall release a series of ep’s from now until the new year.  The first EP entitled “The Irrelevant Few” shall be out on all major worldwide download sites on September 17th with hard copies available the week after from my coming soon online web store via this site.  I am currently updating the merch section and soon heaps of goodies will be available.  The second EP entitled “In Manibus Fortuna” will be out at the end of November with a third near Christmas called “Dance Down The Local”.  The Christmas EP will have a newly mixed version of Dance down the local and Im hoping for an improvement of last years 22 worldwide Itunes position.  Top ten would be cool! but that’s lies in your hands.


Sorry ive been quite blogging for a while I still do all this on my own with the help of my manager Sarah and its really hard to find time to fit everything in.  Sarah is currently working on a new tour for me from November onwards leading up to the Christmas release.  Any venue suggestions or promoter contacts in your area would be gratefully received you can find details of how to contact Myself or Sarah HERE


I look forward to seeing some of you at live shows, dont be shy come and say hello.


Much love as always….



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