Well hello,


Mary Bird our bassist Dan Birds mum recently lost her truly well fought battle with that evil fucking horrible illness.. cancer. Rock mum is now tucked up safe and sound with all her loved ones on the other side, watching over us all from the best seat in the house and ready to pull us up on shoddy performances when we all get up there.  Rock mum, from your loving son Dan, Rock Dad, your family and your friends, From Myself, Grez, Chris and Duffman… Rest in eternal peace we will do you proud. xxxx

Our thoughts this time of year also go out to My uncle Stu and to Chris’ Dad Rob Miggells, who both also lost there battle with cancer.  As we approach both there anniversary’s, Rest in eternal peace. xxxx


2012 has been a little strange to say the least.  We left 2011 on a massive high after the Christmas release ‘Dance down the local’ charted 18 worldwide and the last 4 dates of the tour totally sold out.  So… we had huge plans for 2012 and were determined on world domination, or at least UK.  To press that hasn’t panned out, but we have been as busy as bees this end trying to sort out re-releasing Fishing with dynamite as I have actually parted company with my label Platinum Records. as you are probably aware the original release of FWD was totally recorded in my home studio, I pretty much did everything.  the thing is myself and my newly named band “The Kings” have been working together for so long now the songs sound totally different live and anyone who has been to a show can hear the void that is the difference between what I recorded in my humble home studio and the sound we create live as a five piece band. its pretty fucking huge! and re-mixing and mastering the originals we all decided we needed to release the tracks with the energy we portray live.  The only way to do this is to re-record the entire album as a band in a pro studio, Alas Andy at Superfly studios has kindly agreed to track the album for us, we go in next week (Tuesday) and will not rear our heads until it is down live.

The Album will be mixed here by myself as I feel I am the only one who knows the tracks well enough to do them justice at the crucial point of mixing, The Kings will play a part in this process also.

Its then off to Mr Dave Burn at the music box Newcastle to be mastered then hopefully a week or so after that it will be available on all major worldwide digital retailers for you lot to listen to and either love or pull to bits!


I have been writing a shit load of new songs and propose to release three 5 track ep’s between now and November, and also re-release Dance down the local as a double a-side with a new Christmas song Ive written AND (takes a breath)  A 2nd 13 track studio album early in 2013, that is of course if we haven’t all been wiped out by a huge atrocity predicted by a race who lived thousands of years ago who thought it was a good idea to sacrifice there own people to stop the gods making it rain so much and then dump their dead bodies directly into their main water source, that is why the Mayans died people… nothing more so be sure on this….. you shall be hearing my second studio album in 2013.


The tour starts in June I’m confirming dates all the time and hoping to do a tour of acoustic venues nationwide starting in July, as well as the full band shows!


Much to do so I’m off……


Much love as always….


GJA   x

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