An explanation of “Fishing with dynamite”

Ive had a few emails from people asking for me to explain the meanings behind the songs……

It is titled “fishing with dynamite” because duff said in the studio “dude this tracks are like fishing with dynamite”


My debut album fishing with dynamite is a basically a handful of tracks selected from my pretty large back catalogue of songs that I have written over the past 10 years in my humble home studio.  When I say humble I mean humble! I recorded it totally using Protools version 6.8.1 using a duel input mbox, one of the inputs not working and the other a little noisy.  The mike I used for vocals is a samson co1 from any good music store £40. For the electric guitars I use my Takemine Tan10c and basically route it through an early model korg effects board.  For the piano and synth parts I used a midi keyboard and a sample programme, same for drums all played on the midi keyboard using drum software.

The point of telling you all this? simple….. my entire set up cost me (guitar aside) £250.  Get on ebay! On there you will find a wealth of bargins for the bedroom producer and on youtube you’ll find all the knowledge base you need from all the clever kids all over the world to have you recording tothat level in weeks.  It really is that simple….

Ive gigged for years building up contacts and working relationships with promoters event organisers and fellow musicians all over the country, its only recently ive decided to move it to this level as I feel my songs now can carry the conviction intended and speak from experience, a short one granted but one I have truly lived. All the tracks on the album were selected specifically and pretty much map out my musical and spiritual journey over the past 10 years, and beyond into my childhood.

I have written 3 more albums I feel are much better and keep the story going…. for these you will have to be patient I am recording the next record at this time of writing.  I intend to record and release these three albums over the next 18 month-2 years whilst I continue to write new material and promote the current record and tour it.

In my short 30 years I seen alot, read alot and travelled well.  I feel fishing with dynamite explains key point in my life and significant path changing experiences.

Before I released the record I decided that it would be better not to glam up or re record my home demos, but to release a selection of them as is as they are what they are.  Over the coming years there will be random releases of all of my back catalogue. At some point a 40+ track album will be released of the final lot.

BORN TO BE ALIVE : A simple song about seeing the true path of your life, yet the ties that bind you not letting you achieve it. Experience is a beautiful thing, yet to get it you must live, and living creates ties that we cannot escape too embark on our true path. ironically most of us only see the path with experience, some know from birth, others stumble upon it yet we are all born to be alive.

DAVY JONES : I still remember the day like yesterday when my father came home upset that one of his fellow striking miners had been tragically killed near the entrance to the pit in our village.  There is a bench now in the memory of David Gareth Jones positioned where he tragically died.

HAZEL GREEN EYES: A song about being born into this world growing through it and having your own children and how it all comes full circle whether you choose it or not!

RONNIES SONG: A song I wrote the day after Me and my partner lost our son Ronnie Armstrong.

ABOVE THE NOISE:  At one time if I wasnt sat drinking in my studio I was out at shows playing and nothing seemed to be changing.  The frustration that brought along with meeting famous musicians I idolised who turned out to be complete dicks, aswell as friends (so called) ridiculing what I did, I would still sit there every night dreaming of headlining glastonbury. it is what it is.

CRITICAL MASS:  A song I wrote before I played my first festival.  The whole event was tarnished for me due to personal events around that time which I explain in the chorus. The final verses look to a positive future after a bit of a low time.

OUT OF THIS TOWN:  Whilst in the beetroot kings Chris (who now plays piano for me again, left for a long while to join a different band. This was around the time I decided I was going  to market everything differently as Gary J Armstrong rather than TBK even though things ran the same and still do! When chris left it was on bad terms and I wrote this song out of the frustration of the last conversation we had the first verse is directed at Chris and that I will not go back to ‘The band thing’ the out of this town is me saying I just wanted to bury my head and leave and start all over.

RABBIT HOLE: I remember dropping my partner off at her work, and on the run up to her work there is a road with literally hundreds of rabbit holes.  She mentioned that on the surface they look nothing but underneath there is an intrcate network of tunnels.  This got me thinking about life. Its totally the same.  On the surface it is what it is yes behind the scenes, whatever that means foryou be it spiritual, religious or whatever there are forces at work within these belief systems that work the same way. Or you believe they do.

HEART AND MIND:  This is a song about starting something you were so sure about and then wondering if you were right so much afterwards that it drives you insane! Also how its usually the dreams we set for ourselves that are often the root of all of our feelings of  low spirits. “Theres nothing wrong with your heart or your mind, its the dreams youve had that youve left well behind”

JUST ONE SECOND: I wrote this song after I lost my uncle and my best friend. anyone who has lost someone special can relate to this song.

LAST LOST GENERATION:  I’m sure your getting the feel for this album now! I feel that it is a map of alot of low points in my life! the next album is the High points ;-) . LLG is a collective rant of all things that piss me off at this point in my life, and how to move on maybe we need to cut loose the things we have grown to depend on. Get off facebook! Get to gigs! socialise, make a scene, take mobile phones and games consoles off kids! Get them playing outside, give them a guitar! Its also about getting back to the time in my life that was the was most happiest, mum smoking over the frying pan sunday morning while dad played Radio gaga. The smell of a real record shop…. saving pocket money up for weeks for that one record…. real stuff i remember that meant alot to me and still does. A rant basically!!!!!!

ONLY THE LONLIEST: A song about not caring who you shit on to get where you need to be….. but remember the old saying about watching what you say to those you pass on the way up, as you’ll meet them again as you come back down.

Thats basically a summery of the album.

Warmest wishes


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