Hometown Gig and Christmas Single Release

With a very tired looking Takemine and after a bout of illness the ‘Fishing With Dynamite’ tour will conclude in my hometown, Mansfield Nottinghamshire Saturday 19th November at The Fairways Bar, Mansfield Woodhouse.   I’m hoping the many friends that I’ve picked up along the road will make their way down to what promises to be a great night of music.  Supporting me on the night is my longtime good friend and ex Beetroot Kings Drummer Benny Haynes and  Wes Dolan, talented singer and songwriter who recently signed to an American based label – long awaited acknowledgement of pure hard work and dedication to his craft.

Right on to more festive news…..

The Wombles are releasing a Christmas track!…… But more importantly I am.  If grown men can don fur suits to get you into the spirit of Christmas then I’m sure I can do my bit along with the band.  True to form the single is my view on Christmas and the music which tends to dominate it.  Another reason to head down to the end of tour gig in Mansfield will be to witness the first live performance of ‘Dance Down The Local’.   All in all it’s a good little tune which also will do some good for a charity which was brought to my attention by Gareth Duffin, my drummer and good friend.  I plan to donate a percentage of the sales to the Rudozem Street Dog Rescue in Bulgaria www.streetdogrescue.com - this dog rescue needs our contributions to keep it running in order to offer a safe home and food to these abandoned and abused dogs, lest we remember the ever used phrase as this time of year….a dog is for life and not just for Christmas.   When we forget this it is charities such as Rudozem that are left to pick up the pieces.

And here it is……the artwork for the Christmas single ‘Dance Down The Local’ produced by Shaun Milburn.

Image provided by Shaun Milburn


Shaun has provided me with the background on this picture and why he chose it:

“When Gary asked if I could provide the artwork for the single ‘Dance Down The Local’ I began searching the internet for Yule-tide and festive images that would encapsulate Christmas; And whilst there are lots out there, nothing quite attached itself to the feeling of the song which for me, upon every listen transports me back to a place where I can only recall happy memories, and family times. 

So instead I chose a picture of my Grandparents taken around Christmas in 1980 (so I’m told!) as this totally encapsulates what the song is about for me, and I’m privileged enough to have this opportunity to express it.  For family and for friends, for laughing and for crying, and for remembering all of those closest to us who are no longer with us.  Good luck with the song Guys! xx”


The release date for the single is to be confirmed by my label very soon so keep checking back for updates or follow me at @GJA32 where I’ll be keeping you informed plus lots of whining about the affects of Carlsberg the day after.






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